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"Bar & Mixology Masters" is one of our latest columns in BlissMag since it was introduced to our readers in Vol.13. It includes exclusive interviews of bartenders who have managed to become No.1 at a national or international level. Since music and nightlife are interconnected, they should also be accompanied by delightful tastes, that's why we decided that the best of their kind should be a part of our magazine.



The List Of Bartenders Interviewed By Bliss Magazine so far:

Jennifer Le Nechet (France)

Bar & Mixology Masters 1 - Bliss Magazine Vol.13

Panos Kanatsoulis (Greece)

Bar & Mixology Masters 2 - Bliss Magazine Vol.14

Ever David Portillo (Paraguay)

Bar & Mixology Masters 3 - Bliss Magazine Vol.15

Nick Sourbatis (Greece)

Bar & Mixology Masters 4 - Bliss Magazine Vol.17

James Grant (Canada)

Bar & Mixology Masters 5 - Bliss Magazine Vol.20

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